August Theme for Page Turning Book 1.0: Calendar August theme for Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Pro for PDF

August Theme for Page Turning Book 1.0

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial, or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months, and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. This is a calendar theme pack in August 2012, it is pre-developed for Page Turning software to design attractive page turn book.

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root android 1: root android

root android 1

Due to immense potential in open source Google OS there is are bunch of applications releasing everyday. It is difficult to chose best android apps from this repository. August month was a very productive month in terms of Android apps as many popular developers has released different applications.

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Code Amber Amber Alert Desktop Ticker 1.1

"The Code Amber Desktop Amber Alert Ticker displays active Amber Alerts for all 50 states. The Ticker automatically updates itself when an Amber Alert is published by Code Amber. Code Amber is the leading publisher of Amber Alerts on the Web. Code Amber Tickers have been viewed over 500,000,000 times since August of 2002. Over 190,000 Tickers are installed on web sites and desktops as of October 2004."

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Free Michael Jackson Screensaver 3.0: Free Michael Jackson Screensaver

Free Michael Jackson Screensaver 3.0

Free Michael Jackson Screensaver. This amazing and FREE MICHAEL JACKSON SCREENSAVER dynamically connects itself to the internet and gives a live feed to the latest TWITTER. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 June 25, 2009), known as the "King of Pop", was an American musician and one of the most commercially successful and influential entertainers of all time.

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ASC School Finance Controller 1.0: School Finance Controller is specially developed for institutional organization.

ASC School Finance Controller 1.0

School Finance Controller is specially developed for school & other institutional organization. This fulfills all the requirements related to accounts up to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Fees module is very easy in use and very fast in operating. Bank Challan for Students can also be printed for students. It allow user to define periods of fee collection (e.g. 1. January, 2. February, 3. March, 4. April, June, 5. May, July, 6. August&). Month

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xEntropy for Pocket PC 1.0: Entropy is a new two-player abstract game

xEntropy for Pocket PC 1.0

Entropy is a new two-player abstract game. The game was published by other by Augustine Carreno in 1994. You goal is to disperse your pieces so that each one is placed next to a piece of the other color only, not their own. xEntropy allows save games in files, has full color graphics and more...

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bursa malaysia 1: bursa malaysia

bursa malaysia 1

August 2009, this merged market of Main and Second Boards will be known as the Main Market, hence the listing of both Boards. Under the enhanced framework, changes will be made to the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 ("CMSA") and the regulatory functions of both SC and Bursa will be streamlined, such as:- SC`s approval is required only for initial public offerings, reverse takeover, back-door listings, secondary listings, cross listings and

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KronoLog 1.050825: KronoLog is the information manager for the information age

KronoLog 1.050825

August, 2005 KronoLog: The Information Manager for the Information Age River Edge, NJ (August 31, 2005) - Whistling Cow announces the upgrade of KronoLog to Version 1.050825, a powerful information manager for the information age. Designed for the Windows 98, 98SE and XP platforms, this program leverages advances in computer capabilities to allow users to centralize the entry and retrieval of information in a broad variety of formats, including text

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